While the word "BORK" was popularized by meme culture, here at BORK Pet Accessories, it stands for "family." Meet our BORK team:

Bella and Buttercup, our oldest and youngest fur-babies. Bella is a 13-year-old hound mix who was adopted from what is now KC Pet Project in 2008. Bella is fairly lazy these days. Taking naps or lounging around the house are her favorite pastimes. Buttercup is our youngest housecat who believes she runs the house, and most days, she’s right. We adopted her from KCPP during COVID quarantine 2020.

Oliver, AKA Ollie, is our 10-year-old Shepherd mix who was a little worse for wear when KCPP got him back in 2019. Although he had it a bit “ruff” before we adopted him, you’d never know it now. He’s our spunky old man!

Rue is our one-year-old ball python and only scaled baby. She’s cute as a button! We were lucky enough to adopt her from a local family who was moving out of state in 2021.

Kitten (yes, that is her name) is our oldest, laziest, and chunkiest housecat at four years old. She enjoys cuddles and sleep… lots of sleep. Occasionally you’ll find her running and playing through the house with her little sister at 3:00 AM.


Ashley and Avalon McArthur share a passion for civil rights, equality, inclusion, and love of animals of all shapes and sizes. Their passion ignited during the recent civil injustices and protests that they were unable to attend due to health reasons and the COVID-19 pandemic. BORK was born from their brainstorming as to how they could still do their part to promote equality.

Through BORK's messages, the McArthur family is focused on helping animal rights along with working for civil justice and racial and gender equality. Their hope is to spread support through BORK Pet Accessories. Thank you for helping their cause!



BORK Pet Accessories offers a unique fashion experience for equality advocates and pet lovers by providing the best inspirational pet accessories.


BORK Pet Accessories brings quality and compassion to pet accessories while helping customers to inspire progress and end pet homelessness. 


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